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Transgender and Helping the Community

Stacy came out at age 21 when the word 'Transgender' hadn't yet been coined, having met with a charity organisation and met up with like minded people, Stacy has taken to the Radio, TV and even to the Stage to promote equality.

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Meddwl.org Blog

A blog written about my life story in an attempt to help others who may have difficulties with their mental health - titled "Does being transgender just automatically mean you’re depressed?"

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Paned Parr - Hansh

Join Al Parr as he tries different cups of tea while putting the world in its place. In the first episode his guest is Stacy Winson.

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30 Years on have things changed? - National Eisteddfod Llanrwst

What are the remaining battles to be won for ensuring equality for LGBT people?
With Stacy Winson, Jeremy Miles, Mabli Jones, Adam Price & Fflur Elin

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