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A blog written about my life story in an attempt to help others who may have difficulties with their mental health - titled "Does being transgender just automatically mean you’re depressed?"

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Paned Parr - Hansh

Join Al Parr as he tries different cups of tea while putting the world in its place. In the first episode his guest is Stacy Winson.

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30 Years on have things changed? - National Eisteddfod Llanrwst

What are the remaining battles to be won for ensuring equality for LGBT people?
With Stacy Winson, Jeremy Miles, Mabli Jones, Adam Price & Fflur Elin


Newyddion 9 S4C

Newyddion 9 is a Welsh language TV news program which appears on Welsh language TV channel S4C. As part of the same article addressing the issues surrounding the Gender Identity Clinic delay on BBC News; Stacy appears pre-recorded on the show discussing the issue through the medium of the Welsh language.


Gender Identity Clinic Delay - BBC News Wales

Gender clinic: Anger over transgender service delay - Original Article Title

She said her own journey to access care was fraught with difficulties, adding: "When I went to my GP and said that I wanted to be a woman and that I wanted to transition, he just turned around and said he didn't know what to do with me."
She said the entire process became complicated - including being sent to a psychologist who refused to acknowledge that she was transgender - and it took a serious toll on her mental health
- Excerpt from article

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Taro'r Post - BBC Radio Cymru

Stacy Winson joins in a conversation about transgender women in sport following Navratilova's comments


Gwesty Aduniad - S4C

Series 1 Episode 3

Stacy Winson has been on her transgender journey for more than five years. Now she gets to meet her online friend, who is also transgender, to discuss the challenges they both face.

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Yr Hanner Call - BBC Radio Cymru

Choosing Gender Reassignment - Original Article Title Translated

Discussion on choice of gender reassignment, chaired by Heddyr Gregory, and contributions from Teleri Mair, Sioned Lewis, Rona Rees and Stacy Rosemary Winson. - Translated Excerpt from article

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City Vs Rural & Being Transgender in Wales - Mas ar y Maes

Panels at Esiteddfod Cenedlaethol Cymru

Stacy appears on stage in two seperate panels as part of the 1st Mas ar y Maes movement at the national Eisteddfod. The first to talk about the issues of growing up as LGBTQI+ in rural areas compared to the city and the second to discuss being transgender in Wales.

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Taro'r Post - BBC Radio Cymru

Stacy Winson discusses the postivity surrounding HSBC's launch of Gender Neutral Titles for their customers


Meeting with the BBC Audience Council - All About Trans

We were going to the BBC’s offices to speak to their Audience Council about our experiences of living life as a transgender person - Excerpt from article

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